Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves
  1. Dual Diverter Valve with Tubing - 2000

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    Replacement Dual "Return" Diverter Valve for Counter Top Water Filter System. Includes 2 New 36" Tubing, valve and connectors. Use this diverter valve when there are two tubes going to the filter housing and water is dispensed from the bottom of the diverter valve. Also used for certain countertop reverse osmosis systems. DVRSC-1/4CT The standard size is 1/4" tube. Order the large one for non-E-Spring, Standard Style Amway systems with both tubes being the same size. Learn More
  2. GGN-Diverter-382-SS- Lifestyle Photo 1-1000
    GGN-Diverter-382 Dual 3/8" Locking Nut- Ball Valve Shut off - Solid Stainless Steel Learn More
  3. Divert-Valve- Tubing- 1-4'' (QMP7001/4'' 36''-  1/4'' Vinyl Tubing in White ) - 1000

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    36" 1/4" Vinyl Tubing In White. Learn More
  4. Divert Valve - Tubing-3-8 (QMP700 3/8'' 36'' 3/8'' Vinyl Tubing in White - 1000
  5. Vinyl Tube 3/8' PVC Flexible Tubing White 3ft.
    3/8" PVC Flexible Tubing White 3ft. Learn More