Read what our customers have to say about us:

Fred in Missouri wrote:   Thanks, you made my day with your prompt and helpful feedback. I placed my order this morning. WFO rocks!

Pete in New Mexico wrote:  PS: We have been using one of your RO systems for the past 11 years; and we are VERY PLEASED with it.   

Marcus in Minnesota wrote: Thank you!!  You guys have awesome customer service!!  I am very impressed and satisfied with how quickly you respond and how quickly I rec'd my last order!! Thanks again!

Bill in New Mexico wrote:   I forgot to tell you how much we appreciate your products.  I truly don't  know how we've lived without them.  Thanks for your exceptional products  and service.

Steven  in California wrote:   Thank you for the quick response. Your pre- and post-sales customer service has  been incredibly good. Fast, polite, very informative.  Thank you, I will  definitely tell friends and coworkers about WaterFiltersOnline.com.

Marnie  in Ohio wrote:   Boy do you have your act together!  Customer Service?  I think maybe you've  raised the bar WAY, WAY up there!!!!   Outstanding service and response!  You  can't believe how hard it has been to find a source for the filters since our  unit is close to nine or ten years old.  We will be passing your web address to  everyone we know that have RO units.   Terrific job on the web site!   Incredibly well done and easy to navigate.  Thanks again.

Ranae in Illinois wrote: I would like to tell you your online service and response emails are quick and  easy. I appreciate your email informing me of the credit back to my credit card  and how quickly you have taken care of my return order. I am usually hesitant to  order online as I can never get any customer service or answers when needed.  Your email responses have been exceptional! I am very pleased with my shopping  experience with Water Filters Online. I have placed my re-order with you online  and am looking forward to having my filtered water back later next week.

Jan in Wisconsin wrote:  "I received the RO unit yesterday.   Installation was a breeze.   Nice unit!!   --- Nice product.  Nice prices.  Speedy delivery.  I am very satisfied."

Anthony in Pennsylvania wrote:  "Want to thank you for the full explanation that you sent me and also enlightened me with the different filter cartridges, it was very informative.  I will have to give your company and yourself and coworkers about five stars for the way you handled my inquiry.  Thank you for your trouble and you are right---"

Mary in Illinois wrote:   "I recently ordered water filters for my R.O. system from your company.   I was very pleased with the ease of your website and the prompt delivery of the filters. -- Thank You!"

George in California wrote:  "Thank you for your wonderfully prompt response time!  We so appreciate this service."

Art in California wrote:   Thank you, I received the R/O system yesterday, installed it, and it works just fine.  Thanks again for a painless transaction and what appears to be a quality product that replaced my old (brand name) system.

Bob in Texas wrote:  Thanks! You are all outstanding to buy from!

Grant in Illinois wrote:   Thanks.  I want to let you know that I really appreciate the great customer  assistance at WaterFiltersOnline.com!

Don in Kentucky Wrote:  Great  Price...Quality...Shipping Promptly...No Better Filter Deals Anywhere!!    Reverse Osmosis for price of cheap counter top carbon block water filter!

A few days after installing his new Reverse Osmosis  system Don wrote:  I know I sent a previous email regarding the great  service, really quality stuff...but, LISTEN, this reverse osmosis water filter you sold and  shipped to me is severally under priced ... my neighbor has a unit that cost (5  TIMES) what I paid your company. This is one of the better deals I have ever got  involved with ... thanks, really great product.

Jack in Texas wrote:   Thanks a bunch for your kind service.  (Note sent with re-order)

Greg in Arizona  wrote:  "I appreciate how quickly you resolved the problem for me.  I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends."

Barry in Texas wrote: Thank you very much for your excellent feedback, pricing, and speed of service.  This is the kind of thing that makes repeat customers!

John  in Florida  wrote: I am impressed with the professional manner in which you have handled this transaction.  I will tell my friends.   Keep up the good work.

Rita in New York wrote:  Thank-you so much for answering my e-mail so promptly.  I have just placed my order, and I wish everyone answered as fast as your company.   Again, Thank-you and it was a pleasure to have purchased from you.

Krispin, a Clinical Nutritionist sent us this email:

Please place this under testimonials.

As a clinical nutritionist pure water has been a major concern of mine for years. Many years ago I purchased an RO system after our local water plant had a fluoride spill, fluoride being toxic to the thyroid in high amounts.  Two weeks ago my old system finally gave up the ghost and I discovered WaterFiltersOnline.com.   I ordered a new 4 stage RO system which arrived in a timely fashion. I immediately opened the box and began installation. I had a few problems (mine not the product) and the online support for installation was absolutely the best.  My new system is impressive.  It's auto shut-off will save me $ in water use.  The water is purer (and great tasting) and it is made more rapidly than my old system.  Installation was easy- everything provided and clear instructions.  WaterFiltersOnline.com is a great company offering both quality products at reasonable prices and superb service.  I very much appreciated that all costs were included (shipping, installation kit) and I didn't get hit with hidden charges as some sites do. I can recommend WaterFiltersOnline.com and their products without reservation.

Thanks to all,

Krispin Sullivan, Clinical Nutritionist

Brent in Georgia wrote:   You folks are definitely on my list of companies to recommend to friends.

Chet in Connecticut wrote:  Just  wanted to say thanks, order arrived and system now works fine, installation was  fairly easy and once again I'm impressed with the quality of the product as well  as your timely help and support (including prompt e-mail replies!) Feel free to  add me to your "testimonials" as I am very happy with your company and the  products you represent. You seem to care about the customer and are  knowledgeable about your products. I'm in the automobile business (dealership  service administrator), so I know a lot about good customer service, and hear my  share of horror stories about poor customer service (by others of course) from  MY customers! Thanks again.  

Brigitte in Switzerland wrote:  Hello Customer Service: The RO system has been arrived already   on Friday morning (24th of March) at our address in Oberboezberg, Switzerland.   Perfect service, we were very happy! The RO system is already installed, in   use and it works well. Everything was properly explained.
  We were delightful surprised and can recommend your company with its   professional and fast service.
  Thank you very much.   Best regards from Switzerland,   Brigitte  

Alissa in Indiana wrote:     Dear   WaterFiltersOnline,   I just wanted to express my gratitude for such an exceptional product. I had   high hopes for my new 'Shower Soft' Shower Filter, but my expectations were   greatly surpassed. One of the most important factors is the turn around time   from the night I ordered, until the time I actually received the product, at   most, it was two business days. The installation was so simple. And the   results . . . I'm speechless. The effects the 'Shower Soft' had on my hair,   after one use was softness, easy comb through, and restored color. I didn't   even have to apply lotion to my skin afterward. And the smell of the water,   this may sound strange, was very pleasing. I know you have a testimonials page   on your website, and I probably should post my satisfaction there, but I also   wanted to let you know personally how happy I am with your product. Thank you.  

Megan in Pennsylvania wrote: Dear Water Filters, Thank  you for your prompt service. I had read in your testimonials that you treat your  customers exceptionally well and now I know it to be true. I ordered my system  and filter, and I look forward to it with great joy!

Denise wrote:  You guys are the bomb.....thanks from California

Mark in New Jersey wrote:   You guys should add me to your  testimonial section... cause I really believe in your products and services.

Steve in New Jersey wrote:      Thank you very  much for the quick response on a Sunday.  If you ever want to switch careers - let me know. I would hire you in a second!